2013 DocuFest Atlanta

Oct. 12 - 15, 2013

2013 Event:

The 8th Annual Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival (DocuFest Atlanta). Showcasing the best documentary films in the world.

2013 Dates:

October 12 - 15, 2013

2013 Venues:

Mint Gallery

Mammal Gallery

Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

2013 Film Festival Schedule:


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Blood Brother

(93m, U S A) dir. by Steve Hoover

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Rocky Braat never really liked kids. But because of whimsical choice he made five years ago, he now lives in Tamil Nadu India, caring for a group of HIV positive orphans. They're his life-- and his visa is up for review. The odds are he'll be sent away from those he loves most. The only chance he has is to become an Indian citizen, and let go, forever, of any hold his friends and family in America still have on him.

Screens Saturday, October 12. 8:00 pm at Mint Gallery



Wampler's Ascent

(77m, U S A) dir. by Elizabeth Wampler

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Wampler's Ascent takes the audience into the harried, sometimes terrifying and always difficult world of elite rock climbing. Set in Yosemite National Park, El Capitan Mountain is the biggest sheer rock face in the world. In fact, only 50% of all climbers who attempt to make it to the top actually compete the task.

Wampler's Ascent is a story about Steve Wampler, a husband and father of two children, who is also a man with a severe form of Cerebral Palsy. He lives his life in an electric wheelchair, and has the limited use of only one limb, his right arm. Steve cannot drive or use a fork or button a button, but he did 20,000 pull-ups and slept on the rock for five nights to make it to the summit. His limitations might be quite obvious to the people around him, but while Steve can literally do only two things with his left arm, grasp and pull, he used his spirit and deep will to heave himself up the mountain. He suffered with both hallucinations, severe dehydration and was unconscious twice, but on the sixth day of both terror and torture, he had completed his mission not for himself but more importantly, to show children all over the world with disabilities that they could do anything they put their minds to, in spite of challenges facing them. Wampler's Ascent is an up-lifting, incredible tale of will-power and mind-over-matter that will surely leave the viewer inspired and up lifted.

screens with:

The Love Story of Leonard Knight

(41m, U S A) sub. by Patrick Rea

40 years ago, a troubled drifter came to believe he was called to tell the world, “God is Love.” What happened next is too unbelievable to for anyone to dare make-up; but by 2002, Leonard Knight, creator of Salvation Mountain, had been declared a National Treasure by the US Congress and by 2010 become the most visited person in the world. 

Award winning documentarian, Patrick Rea, has been chronicling the life of the eccentric, and inspiring folk artist, Leonard Knight, since 2007, following the artist’s meteoric rise to fame due to his cameo in the film INTO THE WILD. But as happens with documentaries, his film took an unexpected turn, and by 2010, at the height of Leonard’s influence, Mr. Rea realized he was actually chronicling the brave decline of a spiritual giant, and his struggle, with others and dementia, as he tried to hang-on to his faith and message, while riding headlong into 'the abyss.'

Screens Saturday, October 12. 9:30 pm at Mint Gallery




(80m, U S A) dir. by Amy Finkel

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Furever explores the dimensions of grief people experience over the loss of a pet. It examines the sociological evolution of pets in the U.S. today, particularly their position in a family unit, and how this evolution is affecting those in the veterinary profession and death care industry. With interviews from grieving pet owners, veterinarians, psychologists, sociologists, religious scholars, neuroscientists, and the many professionals who preserve a pet's body for their devastated clientele, or re-purpose a pet's cremains in unique ways (taxidermy, cloning, mummification, freeze-drying, and many more), Furever confronts contemporary trends, perspectives, and relevant cultural assumptions regarding attachment, religion, ritual, grief, and death, and studies the bonds that form between humans and animals, both psychological and physiological.

Screens Sunday, October 13. 7:30 pm at The Mammal Gallery



Sole Survivor

(91m, France, U S A) dir. by Ky Dickens

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In the history of aviation, there have been only 14 of them: sole survivors of a commercial aviation disaster. Most have never spoken publicly about the loss, the guilt, the immense pressure of feeling “spared.” Who, after all, could ever truly understand?

The answer is only each other. Sole Survivor brings four of them together (George Lamson, Cecilia Cichan, Bahia Bakari and Jim Polehinke) to share their very complex, personal stories for the first time. They revisit the most harrowing moments of their lives in an effort to heal and overcome their most perplexing questions.

Screens Monday, October 14. 6:00 pm at The Mammal Gallery



My Father and The Man In Black

(87m, Canada) dir. by Jonathan Holiff

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An intense personal adventure with universal themes that just happens to feature on of 20th-century music's greatest icons, 'My Father and The Man In Black' presents the untold story of 'bad boy' Johnny Cash, his talented but troubled manager, Saul Holiff, and a son searching for clues to his father's suicide in the shadow of a legend.

'My Father and The Man In Black' weaves together their letters, phone calls and Holiff's own audio diary (60 hours worth!), to tell the story as it should be told--by the men who lived it. Before there was Johnny and June, there was Johnny and Saul.

Screens Tuesday, October 15. 7:30 pm at at The Mammal Gallery



Out of Print

(55m, U S A) dir. by Vivienne Roumani

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Out of Print draws us into the topsy-turvy world of the written word, illuminating the turbulent, exciting journey from the book through the digital revolution: writers, publishers, and readers are all in flux; booksellers are closing; students are confronting new challenges; librarians and teachers are seeking new roles. Storytellers like Ray Bradbury and Jeffrey Toobin, complemented by evocative visuals, weave a compelling tale of change. Novelist and Authors Guild President Scott Turow, Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos (who originally founded Amazon as an online bookstore), and Harvard University Library Director and Digital Public Library of America enthusiast Robert Darnton place us in the middle of a debate about values and access. People tell us that they read “short-form” text – snippets – all day long, yet one out of four Americans no longer reads even a single book, in any format, in an entire year. Personal stories of parents and students take us into their worlds, highlighting how this revolution is changing every aspect of the printed word – and changing us.

Screens Sunday, October 13. 5:00 pm at The Mammal Gallery



The 25,000 Mile Love Story

(86m, U S A) dir. by John Davies

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The 25,000 Mile Love Story chronicles the amazing journey of endurance athlete, Serge Roetheli, as he endeavors to run a distance equal to the earth's circumference to bring awareness and raise money for the world's impoverished children.

Accompanied by his wife Nicole, who drove a motorcycle with their supplies and pup tent in tow, their unforgettable journey spans five years covering six continents and unforgiving landscapes. Confronted with challenges that pushed them beyond their limits, the Roethelis battled against extreme weather, civil unrest, and near-death illnesses. Remarkably, they survived it all.

At the heart of their journey is a love story; a relationship of two people who believe in achieving the impossible, and whose story ends with a shocking twist.

Screens Sunday, October 13. 6:00 pm at The Mammal Gallery



Destinos Interrumpidos

(Interrupted Destinies)

(89m, Colombia) dir.  by Danny Holguin, Juan Carlos Echeverria

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The real story of 2 men that after 26 years, find out that they were switched at birth due to an error committed at the hospital where they were born. Both men grown up less that 7 miles from each other. One man, Carlos Mario Estor is raised in an upper class neighborhood in the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia. The other man, Ramsis Puello is raised in an under privileged village by the name of Turbaco. With their destinies switched, ironically Carlos Mario Estor who grew up in a wealthy society lacks affection from his siblings and suffers the abuse of his alcoholic father. On the other hand Ramsis Puello lacked materialistic luxuries but is raised by a loving and caring family who singles him out as their favorite son. Genetics play a pivotal role in this story. The behavioral traits of the 2 men are completely opposite to the families that raised them for 26 years, but identical to their lost and found biological families. The poetic style of the story comes alive as it evolves around one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities of the Americas. The story was also the source of massive media hype as it was portrayed in tons of late night shows, news sources and the product of a very successful soap opera.

Screens Sunday, October 13. 9:00 pm at The Mammal Gallery



Brothers Hypnotic

(87m, Netherlands, U S A) dir. by Reuben Atlas

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For the eight young men in the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, 'brotherhood' is literal: they're all sons of anti-establishment Chicago jazz musician, Phil Cohran. Raised together on Chicago's South Side as subjects of their father's utopian family experiment, they wore homemade clothes, ate vegan, and awoke at 5AM for family band practice. Now grown, as they raise eight brass bells to the sky-- while playing for quarters in Times Square, collaborating with Mos Def, or wowing a jazz festival-- they find the values their father bred into them constantly tested. They must decide whether their fathers' principles really are their own. Brothers Hypnotic is a coming of age story, for eight brothers, and for an ideal.

Screens Tuesday, October 15. 9:00 pm at at The Mammal Gallery



I am Dallas Malloy

(52m, France) dir. by Antoine Arditti

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Dallas Malloy is a female bodybuilder and a pioneer boxer. In 1993, at the age of 15, Dallas filed a sex discrimination suit against USA Boxing Federation. She won and made history.  Later on, she moved to California and became a champion bodybuilder.  Dallas is both feminine and masculine, she defines herself as 'gender fluid'. For her, gender is mental, not physical.  It seems like nothing can stop her from achieving her goals. Her next challenge is to become an actor and she won't give up despite other people's opinions. Will she make it into the ruthless world of Hollywood?

Screens Tuesday, October 15. 6:30 pm at The Mammal Gallery



In His Footsteps

(55m, United Kingdom, U S A) dir. by Shelley Taylor

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In His Footsteps follows a successful entrepreneur and mother looking for her way into the light after losing her 32 year old son and only child.

Her emotional voyage moves from hopelessness to resilience over a six-month period as she travels from London to Berlin, New York, Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley tracing her son's steps where he was an actor, writer and chef.

By organizing impromptu restaurants in her own and other people's homes Shelley cooked her way out of the utter darkness of grieving and loss and into pockets of healing and happiness. In His Footsteps is a story about the transformative power of optimism, action and ultimately, a story about hope.

Screens Monday, October 14. 9:00 pm at The Mammal Gallery



Documentary Shorts Program Three

90 min. total running time

Screens Tuesday, October 15. 9:00 pm at The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

Smear Campaign: @LizzWinstead's #Tour4PP

(26m, Canada) dir. by Matthew Gorman

In January 2011 the Republican majority 112th Congress of the United States of America introduced its first bill - HR1. With the bill the Grand Old Party wasn't looking to create jobs or build roads, but rather proposed to defund Planned Parenthood of America, among other non-profit organizations. Comedian and Co-Creator of 'The Daily Show' Lizz Winstead took to the Twitter-verse to express her rage. But, tweeting about it wasn't enough. In the summer of 2011 she decided to go on tour to raise funds for and awareness about Planned Parenthood of America.


(9m, Canada, U S A) dir. by Dara Bratt

John Bedford is a 76yr old amateur butterfly collector. Immensely visual, the film follows John on his excursion to the jungles of Vietnam, plunging audiences into a world of wonder and childlike excitement. But as the film reveals, our subject is as fragile as the habitat he loves and seeks to preserve.

The Girl with the Tuba

(5m, U S A) dir. by Esteban Arguello

A young autistic woman details how playing a tuba in the streets of Atlanta has helped her sharpen her voice as an activist.

Our Own Devices

(7m, U S A) dir. by Josh Kasselman, Stephanie Lucas

Teenagers, parents and teachers reflect on technology and socialization in this short documentary. Alternately hilarious and frightening, the film spends a day at an urban high school, tagging along with students as they demonstrate the role of texting and social networking in their lives.

An Incomplete List of Things We Left Behind On The Moon

(4m, U S A) dir. by  Arien Parsa

We came. We saw. We littered. On each of mankind's six historic moon landings, dozens of objects were left behind-- indelible imprints that outlasted Neil Armstrong's famous first footprint (which was likely obliterated during the lander's return liftoff). Experimental documentary filmmaker Arlen Parsa's brief irreverent ode to lunar litter, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, is a reminder that evidence of mankind's existence will likely still be around even after we're gone.

Making Waste

(29m, U S A) sub. by Scott Reus, Stan Arthur

'Making Waste' is a funny, touching, and inspirational look at one mans seven year journey to complete his first feature film. After beginning this odyssey with his life savings and a dream, filmmaker Tom Thompson has endured an avalanche of business failure, personal tragedy, and financial ruin. Through it all, and now facing homelessness, he continues the struggle to finish what he started.

Dancing Deaf

(10m, South Africa) dir. by Danielle Sher

This documentary tells the story of Simone Botha: born completely deaf in both ears, Simone was the youngest recipient of cochlear implant surgery in Africa - having received one at 22 months of age. Against enormous odds, Simone has succeeded in becoming a professional ballet dancer.

Documentary Shorts Program Two

95 min. total running time

Screens Tuesday, October 15. 7:30 pm at The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge


(22m, U S A) dir. by David R. Koff

Routine schedules and cruel fate determined who was cooking, setting tables, washing dishes or serving guests at the renown Windows on the World Restaurant at the top of One World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. Most of them were immigrants, and they came from all over the world. When they perished, their families and colleagues had to deal not just with their loss, but with a broken immigration system that classified many of them as “illegal.” The survivors tell their stories of that day, and the days that followed, in Windows.


(32m, U S A) dir. by Kristin Royer

Patients diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer are often given months or years to live. However, a few defy the statistical odds and live years beyond that. They are living longer with dying as their disease slowly slips into a chronic state. Longterminal is a documentary short featuring four patients living with incurable cancer as a chronic condition. They share how this disease has affected their lives and the hope they dare to have for the future.


(26m, U S A) dir. by Lindsay Lindenbaum

SCATTERED takes an unflinching look at the filmmaker's late father--a man who was obsessed with documenting his life on film--and unravels the story that he tried to create with his camera, to reveal the story that actually was. Told primarily through archival footage, this film explores the nature of memory, how we come to understand someone's life by the things one leaves behind, and the role that photographs and home videos play in how we remember the past.


(5m, U S A) dir. by Jorg Fockele

'Ritual' is an HIV positive man's moving, ecstatic and electrifying journey of letting go of fear, doubt and self hatred through the ancient tradition of hook suspension.

A Beautiful Waste

(5m, U S A) dir. by Jon Kasbe

Most people don't spend their Saturday nights in New York's sewers.
Steve Duncan isn't most people.

Life Reflected

(3m, U S A) dir. by Jon Kasbe

From the moment we're born to the moment we die, water powers life. Life Reflected explores how our most critical resource goes far beyond traditional power. More than fossil fuels, commerce or industry, water powers life.




Documentary Shorts Program One

90 min. total screening time

Screens Tuesday, October 15. 6:00 pm at The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

Viva Lucha Libre

(30m, U S A) dir. by Bradley Bemis

Shot in Mexico City, Tijuana and Los Angeles, 'Viva Lucha Libre' reveals to the viewer that this once considered low brow sport of lucha libre proves to be much richer in history, iconography, and pop culture significance than expected. From the provident origins of the mask to the outrageous antics of the luchadores, 'Viva Lucha Libre' captures the appeal of lucha libre in a visceral way. Instead of stealing its mysterious power through unmasking, 'Viva Lucha Libre' defies the sport's own mythology, revealing much about its mysterious identity while increasing its allure.

Redemption of the Prosecutor

(22m, U S A) dir. by Jordan Melograna

When prosecutor and devout Christian Preston Shipp began teaching in a Nashville prison, he never thought he'd be the one to get schooled. But the friendship he forges with one young prisoner puts his faith in the justice system - and in Jesus - to the ultimate test.

Children of the Peacock

(32m, U S A) dir. by Travis Andrade

The focus of CHILDREN OF THE PEACOCK is to discover where human rights and democracy are today in Burma through portraits of Burmese Freedom Fighters who survived the brutal crackdowns of 1988 and 2007, in addition to their subsequent incarcerations.

Win Tin, Su Su Nway, Htet Htet Oo Wai and other Burmese heroes will comment on how these events have impacted present day life in Burma and what they believe the future may hold for Burma's so-called democracy.

Fueled by the passion and sacrifice exemplified by earlier generations, the young activists of today continue the struggle for freedom and basic human rights.

Los Ojos de Dante

(6m, Spain) dir. by Gonzalo Gurrea Ysasi

An experience that changed his life forever.



DocuFest Quick Guide:

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mint Gallery

Mint Gallery:

5:00 pm - Be With Me

6:30 pm - Money and Life

8:00 pm - Blood Brother

9:30 pm - Wampler's Ascent

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Mammal Gallery

The Mammal Gallery:

5:00 pm -  Out of Print

6:00 pm -  The 25,000 Mile Love Story

7:30 pm -  Furever

9:00 pm -  Destinos Interrumpidos

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Mammal Gallery

The Mammal Gallery:

6:00 pm  - Sole Survivor

7:30 pm -  Afterglow

9:00 pm -  In His Footsteps

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Mammal Gallery & Higland Inn Ballroom Lounge

The Mammal Gallery:

6:30 pm -  I am Dallas Malloy    

7:30 pm -  My Father and The Man In Black

9:00 pm -  Brothers Hypnotic

Highland Inn:

6:00 pm  - DocuFest Shorts Program One

7:30 pm -  DocuFest Shorts Program Two

9:00 pm -  DocuFest Shorts Program Three


Be With Me

(44m, U S A) dir. by Michael Terrill

How would you feel if your child was diagnosed as autistic and mentally retarded? If you were told he would go into his room and never come out? That he would be institutionalized by age 17? This was the life sentence handed down to Lori and Jim Cairns regarding their son J.R.

This diagnosis was made in 1996, when little was known about autism and hope for recovery was disregarded as a myth, an urban legend.

Today many people still dismiss hope of recovery from autism. And yet it can happen. J.R. is living proof. Now, for the first time ever, the Cairns family and J.R.'s therapists unite to celebrate his recovery and share their story of hope.

Screens with:

Free 2 Be Me

(30m, U S A) dir. by Jeannette Godoy

A heartfelt documentary following the Free 2 Be Me Dance Company for one season. Extremely hard-working, dedicated performers, each happens to have Downs Syndrome. The film is a celebration of the joy of artistic self expression, and its effect on the whole family

Screens Saturday, October 12. 5:00 pm at Mint Gallery




(64m, U S A) dir. by Ali Silverstein

View Film Website & Trailer

A true story about a young woman who takes her (dead) boyfriend on one last road trip to discover the meaning of their passionate but troubled relationship. An intimate quest, a non-traditional documentary that sets out to discover love in its wildest, but most universal forms.

Screens Monday, October 14. 7:30 pm at The Mammal Gallery



2013  DocuFest Atlanta Film Schedule:

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Money & Life

(86m, U S A) dir. by Katie Teague

View the Film Website and Trailer

An optimistic film steeped in appreciation for human ingenuity, MONEY and LIFE is a respectful invitation to consider questions critical to all our well-being: How can we move beyond being merely consumers, debtors and creditors, and put money in service to what we really care about as citizens, as human beings? Can we design a monetary circulation system that fosters democratic equality? What does it really mean to make a living? MONEY and LIFE empowers each of us to respond to the fundamental issues of our time and participate in the emerging new economy.

Screens Saturday, October 12. 6:30 pm at Mint Gallery



2013 Venues

Mint Gallery

636 North Highland Ave NE,

Atlanta, GA 30306


The Mammal Gallery

91 Broad St. SW

Atlanta, Ga 30303


The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

644 North Highland Ave NE,

Atlanta, GA 30306



$5 per screening

Tickets for each show are available at the door 30 minutes prior to screening, first come basis.